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When deciding for being a student you took your first step into a difficult but also budding future. The perspectives for remunerative jobs as technical graduates are as good as never before. 

We want to accompany and support you on this way.

As an international acting company for the petroleum and gas extraction we offer interested and motivated students the possibility to do a first mandatory internship, practical internship or/and bachelor/master thesis for the following course of studies:
  •  Petroleum Engineering 
  •  Geoscience
  •  Mechanical/Industrial Engineering

Depending on the course of studies the first mandatory internship is about 8-13 weeks for learning the basic and technical knowledge for your studies. For this internship we afford lathes, millers, boring machines and welding plants for the production and the basic know-how of the petroleum and gas extraction. Benefit from our many years of the experience of our employees and build up an optimal starting situation for your studies.

For your practical internship we offer you interesting topics in construction, research and development, production as well as directly in the field. For this you work in specific projects with a personal adviser and you are able to learn first practical experiences in topics, in which you are interested or perhaps are totally new territory for you. In contrast to other practical semesters you work independently and assume first responsibilities like it is normal in your later job life. Your developed proficiencies and results will be continued to use directly for following products and orders. 

Here you are more than a trainee: you belong to our team.

The length of time for this practical internship is over a period of about 2-6 months, depending on the specific internship regulations.

We are familiar with new innovations and developments. Show us yours!We offer you the possibility to finish your bachelor/master thesis in corporation with the university or college directly in our company. You work on actual, complex problems as well as practical oriented improvement opportunities to satisfy your scientific curiosity and to make a significant contribution for us and for you.

Just contact us. 
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Please just contact us: 

telephone: +49 (0) 4441 9360 0

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