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Setting Sleeve

The Setting Sleeve is used as a connection between the Running Tool and the liner. In general its location is between the Liner Hanger and PBR or between the Bottom Set Tie Back Packer and PBRIt can be run as an alternative in case a Liner Top Packer is not required. Further it is possible to use the Setting Sleeve in order to just run the liner down in hole and keep it on the bottom hole. 

A special connection inside the Liner Top Packer is used to connect the Running Tool with the Liner Hanger system. Depending on the releasing mechanism the connection can vary in its design and specifications.

Furthermore, it provides housing for the retrievable and drillable inner sealing element (Pack off Bushing). For the retrievable variant a locking profile for the Pack off Bushing and a high surface finish for the seal are integrated in the Setting Sleeve. For the drillable variant a special Pack off Bushing was designed, which is able to be installed directly in the Setting Sleeve.
  • The seal area for the Pack off Bushing is located in the Setting  Sleeve
  • A special profile provides torque transfer between the Setting Tool and the liner string in order to rotate during RIH- or cementing operations
  • Drillable Pack off Bushing reduces redress and assembly time
  • Centralization of the Liner because of special guiding ridges
  • Flowing channels provide a better flow characteristics
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