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Seal Stem

The Tie Back Stem is used when a tie back is required. Typical tie back situations result from defective casing strings and provide a new workable casing string. The Tie Back Stem is stabbed into an existing PBR in a second trip after a milling set has cleaned up the top PBR. To ensure high seal integrity the Seal Stem is equipped with seal assemblies consisting of special Molyglass chevron rings and a central o-ring. The seal assembly material can be changed to meet all reservoir demands. At  the end of the Seal Stem a half mule shoe is installed to support the stab in operation.

In addition, the Seal Stem can be provided with a shearable guide ring to centralize the Seal Stem while running down the hole and to locate the Seal Stem, or rather the seal assemblies, while stabbing into the PBR.
  • Available for all PBR sizes and lengths
  • Provides sealing between the middle – lower completion and the upper completion
  • Standard packing: PTFE and Viton (special sealing on request according to well condition)
  • Available with Guide Ring: Gives positive indication for stabbing
  • The half mule shoe provides easy stabbing into the PBR even in horizontal wells
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