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Plug Holder

The Plug Holder is located below the Stinger. It is supposed to hold the Wiper Plug. in position until the dart lands inside the Wiper Plug.

For hydraulic Liner Hanger systems the Plug Holder has flow ports in order to allow to build up pressure between the Wiper Plug. and the Pack off BushingIn order to reduce any friction on the cups due to the release of a mechanic Setting Tool, the Plug Holder has the option to allow rotation of the Stinger so that the Plug Holder will stay in position. Further, a special shoulder provides the contact area to retrieve the Pack off Bushing with releasing sleeve by releasing the Pack off Bushing’s dog system.
  • Retrieves the Pack off Bushing, e.g. after cementation
  • Allows pressure balance between the inside stinger and hanger annulus to set the Liner Hanger due to open flow ports
  • Avoids rotation at the Wiper Plug which could cause damages on the elastomer cups
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