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Lift Nipple & Junk Bonnet

The Lift Nipple is a Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Pup Joint for handling the liner hanger assembly and for using slips and elevator once the assembly is below the table.
It is located above the Dog Sub/Packer Actuator or, if not required, above the Setting Tool. Usually, the Lift Nipple is equipped with a Junk Bonnet.

The Junk Bonnet consists of two half metal cups installed around the Lift Nipple with two bolts. Its main job is to protect the Setting Tool by preventing the cuttings or other debris from filling the PBR.
To avoid any rotational or axial movement of the Junk Bonnet during the down-hole operation a shear screw is set in the PBR. Fluid enters through a port in the metal cup to equalize potential internal/external differential pressure affecting the PBR

Lift Nipple
  • High-strength tubular body

Junk Bonnet
  • Reduces the risk of debris filling the PBR
  • Self filling. No need for water or special gel
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