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Hold Down Sub

The Hold Down Sub is located below the Liner Hanger. The purpose of the Hold Down Sub is to provide a hold down function for the liner in the casing. In order to meet every downhole condition DEW is able to provide a comprehensive product line of Hold Down systems.
The product line allows a choice between rotating and non-rotating systems and further with or without retrievable function.
To minimize proper casing damage the outer slips are specially designed according to the occurring forces and well-requirements. The large contact area of the slips provides best distribution of the resulting forces which reduces the maximum effective force on the host casing area in contrast to conventional slips. Before use all DEW slips are case hardened to withstand high surface pressure on the areas in contact. To avoid premature setting the DEW standard Hold Down Sub has built-in pockets in a special coned sleeve. The sleeve is able to isolate the slips against any outer friction forces. It is possible to choose between single, double or multi cone Hold Down Sub systems. A further safety device for premature setting is a mechanic lock system, which stops the slips of any movement before the hydraulic sleeve is activated.
For increasing the bypass flow area the sleeve and the guide ring are designed with multiple grooves.

The Hold Down Sub is set by building up differential pressure in the running string. The pressure shears the hydraulic cylinder which pushes the outer slips into engagement with the casing string.
A guide ring at the end of the Hold Down Sub ensures centralization of the Hold Down Sub in the casing as well as providing a safety feature against damage affecting the hydraulic cylinder and the slips-sleeve combination during run-in-hole. It provides multiple flow grooves to provide a high bypass flow area. Furthermore the guide ring allows an easy run in hole due to the seamless transition between the guide ring and the Hold Down Sub body.

The rotating Hold Down Sub is able to rotate before and after setting (e.g. during run-in-hole, circulation, reaming, cementation).
  • Hold Down Sub is set by applied hydraulic pressure or
  • Capable to withstand high forces
  • Available bearing allows rotation before and after setting
  • Retrievable/pulling option
  • Optimal bypass flow area allows easy circulation
  • Minimal casing stress transmission due to special slip design
  • Single, double and multi cone is possible
  • Non-welded design
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