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Float Equipment

Float Collars and Float/Guide/Reamer Shoes are located at the bottom of a Liner System. Especially designed for liner applications, a dart-type poppet valve-system inside the Float Collar and the Float/Reamer Shoe prevents backflow of gases and fluids in the liner (e.g. cement, after displacement is complete). The valve-system consists of an aluminium insert with one or two elastomeric valves. In addition the Float/Guide Shoe has a hemispheric or conic aluminium Guide Nose with two up- and downjet ports for assisting the run-in-hole operation which allows turbulent characteristics of the circulation. 

The Reamer Shoe’s nose provides a special blade design for reaming the liner to bottom through possibly  unstable formations.

The aluminium parts are manufactured with a minimum amount of material in order to greatly reduce the drill out time. All DEW float equipment inserts and accessories are PDC drillable.
  • Spring loaded poppet type valve is installed in the lower liner to prevent pressure surge from the formation or cement back flow
  • Available in single or double poppet valve versions
  • Light weight and cannot be break
  • Easily drillable (PDC)
  • Aluminium nose with 2 up jet hole to improve the turbulent flow 2 down jet holes above the main bore to move the sedimented mud at TD
  • Reaming aluminium nose profile for horizontal or vertical section available, according to customer request
  • High durability of the poppet type valve (no cement used)
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