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Company's History

The DEW Wartungs und Reparatur GmbH was established in April 1990 by Gerhard Wilkens, Josef Ellert and Günther Döring. The first contracts were for the maintenance and repair of safety equipment and devices for gas probes.

In autumn of 1990 the department for the repair of subsurface pumps for the petroleum industry according to the technical regulations of API 11 AR was added. Additionally,  a turnery for repair and production of small turned pieces followed.

The turnery was  expanded in 1991 because of the acquisition of a re-stamping certificate for materials according to EN 10204-3.1.

At the end of 1992 relocation to newly built premises became necessary due to the continued growth of the company. The relocation was done in the same year. After the relocation, the turnery was equipped with a new numerically controlled lathe, a milling machine with digital display, a radial drilling machine and a new precision lathe with two jaws. Due to this, pipe thread tapping for casings, drill collars and crossovers was made possible. Since then special calibres for thread inspection have been available. Furthermore, a license for the gas tight threads from TenarisHydril was purchased in 2006 and is held till this day.

In order to develop new services and expand the company the department for Tubular/Casing Running Services was founded. In this context DEW owns several electric and diesel drive aggregates, screwing tongs, computers and a proprietarily developed compensator for chrome pipe screwing for run-in and run-out-hole operations.

On special customer request contact was established with Nodeco, a production company for Liner Hanger systems in Norway, in 1994. Sales and assembly of the Nodeco Liner Hanger Packer in Germany and Austria were quickly realized. 

Until the sale of Nodeco to Weatherford International Ltd. and the resulting end of sales operations in 1998 DEW was able to achieve a large market share because of the accurately functioning Liner Hanger.

Thereafter, as a result of the gained experience and new ideas, a proprietary DEW Liner Hanger packer was developed in the same year. To date it has been continually advanced to modern technical standards and used for the national and international market e.g. for Saudi Aramco, Schlumberger or OMV.

For further special operations DEW designed many different tools such as a two-stage-cementation tool or an annulus packer for completion. All tools are successfully tested in the field and offered on the global market.

Because of this, the company DEW has grown nationally and internationally over time to become one of the leading companies in the area of Liner Hangers and tong services
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