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Claw Tool

The Claw Tool is located between the Pack off Bushing and the Cup Tool/Swab Cups. It is used for equalizing the pressure in- and outside the inner string/stinger and for hydraulic operations (e.g. hydraulic setting of the Liner Hanger or releasing of the Setting Tool). During the Run-In-Hole- and hydraulic operations the Claw Tool is in an open position. When closing the Claw Tool it is necessary to pull the inner string and thus the Claw Tool until the Pack off Bushing is able to apply mechanical forces on the sleeve of the Claw Tool. Based on this force the sleeve moves down until the Claw Tool is closed. To ensure that the Claw Tool remains closed a special slip system is included in the sleeve. 
  • Provides equalizing inside and outside pressure
  • Washing of perforations is possible
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