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Cementing Head

The Top Drive Cementing Head is constructed for use of a top drive system. Its purpose is to enable Drill Pipe Dart and Setting Ball release at the surface at a defined time during cementing operations. Accordingly, there is no need to open the drill pipe to launch the cementing accessories.
The Top Drive Cementing Head consists of a body with an integrated dart container and one or two quarter turn activation valves. Depending on the application multiple Darts can be used. Further, it provides a bypass channel to allow circulation with fluids while the Ball/Dart/s is/are loaded in the container. Because of the internal bypass channel external valves or manifolds are not required. Once a Ball/Dart is launched a Flag Sub Indicator gives a positive indication about dropping. A heavy duty swivel with ANSON connection provides free rotation during cementation. The API standard tool joints connection allows heavy weight liner jobs.

The Cementing Head is also available for Kelly systems with the same features.
  • The Cementing Head is used to drop the Setting ball, connect the cementing lines and release the Drill Pipe Dart.
  • Flag indicator can be set to show the Drill Pipe Dart  release
  • Swivel allows rotation during , liner hanger operation (Setting Tool release) and cementation
  • The Setting Ball is loaded in the ball seat and secured with a safety pin. No need to open  the ball releaser once the cementing head is in the derrick
  • The Cementing Head complies with HSE policy
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